The choice of collar colour is important

DEAR POODLE: I have a thick black coat that is very shiny and I would like to wear a collar that emphasizes it. I have tried many different colours of collars and they tend to get “lost” in my coat.

What would you recommend? – EBONY

 DEAR EBONY: The choice of a collar is a very important one: it emphasizes not only your coat, but the contours of your face and the colour of your eyes. The wrong collar can actually accentuate the negative and even make you look as if your neck has disappeared!

In your case, the choice of colour is even more important. Since you have a monochromatic coat, you must take care to wear something that emphasizes it but that does not stand completely apart from it.

You haven’t told me the colour of your eyes, but I am assuming that, like most Dogs with black coats, your eyes are brown. If they are blue, even more care will have to be taken in the selection of a colour for your collar.

My suggestion is to stay away from bright colours. Many Dogs believe that since bright colours provide a contrast to their coats, they are the most suitable. This is most emphatically wrong.

Some Dogs can get away with wearing a white collar (believe it or not) but, since we are heading toward the Winter season, this is not recommended. Try to avoid browny tones unless you find that they pick up on your eyes. Greens can be a mistake, as can blues. But you’d be surprised how well silver or a nice, soft black can emphasize your coat and outline your neck.

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This column first appeared in Issue #112 of The Mammalian Daily.